"Moving abroad with Teleperformance really boosted my career!"

In February 2018, when I was 18 years old, I decided to take a giant leap and move from Sweden to Crete. The reason behind this decision was that I, in many ways, felt stuck. At work, in my personal relationships, in my free time.. I just wasn’t going anywhere. I felt like I was in need of a complete change. When my current employer offered me the opportunity to use a relocation package and move to Crete, there was nothing holding me back. One year and nearly 9 months later, I have absolutely zero regrets! It really is incredible how much my life has changed and how different day-to-day life is here compared to Sweden. Today I live in central Chania together with my boyfriend, whom I actually met down here. Time goes by so much faster because I always have something to do, see and explore! As soon as I get off work, I feel like I’m on vacation, no matter if it’s in the middle of the week or the weekend. But most of all, I have grown as a person since moving here and it also really boosted my career.

I have gained new confidence and belief in myself which has been rewarding in a lot of ways: in 2018, I was awarded Employee of the Year and this year, I was awarded Teamleader of the Year during Teleperformance Chania’s three-year celebration in September 2019! Moving abroad is a huge step and in order to make it feel like home there are a lot of things that need to come together in a good way. When I moved here, I felt a huge relief in knowing that the trip and the living arrangements were all fixed for me. I didn’t need to worry about who to contact or where to go, which was especially helpful being in a foreign country I knew basically nothing about.

When I moved here, I felt a huge relief in knowing that the trip and the living arrangements were all fixed for me.

The entire integration process was great: I moved into a collective living area where most of my new colleagues were already living and from day one this really contributed to the feeling of being at home. My new teammates welcomed me in such a warm way that I instantly felt like “one of them.” During the first period, it was great to have such a safe support system to lean on. Having colleagues close by that have recently or previously gone through the same process of deciding to move abroad, learning the job and getting to know the new culture really helped. It also made it very quick and easy to get to know people and find a lot of different things you can do in your time outside of work. There are so many gorgeous beaches to see, beautiful nearby cities to visit and the nature is incredible. If you enjoy laying on the beach all day to maximize your tan or if you prefer going on hikes through nature, there is something to do for everyone. Some of my personal favorite locations are Seitan Limania Beach and Rethymno, because I enjoy both a beach with beautiful scenery and a cozy, sweet city. I am very grateful to myself for having the courage to move here, but also to Teleperformance for treating me so well and giving me the encouragement and tools I needed to grow within the company.

Taking on this challenge really is one of the greatest things I have ever done. It’s incredible how well you can succeed when you believe in yourself and when you’re provided the right tools.

Jessica Jansson Team Lead @ Telia - Teleperformance Nordic   

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