Meet Emma: "Teleperformance Nordic has given me the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally"

My journey started 5 years ago. I fell in love not just with beautiful Greece but also with my boyfriend, who I met here while I was on a vacation. That is how my adventure started and I got the opportunity to discover this amazing island, Crete. At first, I started to work with the locals as a host at a restaurant in the city of Platanias. It was an incredible experience: I got to know the Greek people and it was a lot different from working in Sweden. Then, I found out about Teleperformance Nordic. This was the best, as I worked in a Nordic environment with the same conditions that I had in Sweden, which made everything a lot easier and understandable for me. And at the same time, I could enjoy the Greek lifestyle after my shifts, living the best of both worlds. Here at Teleperformance Nordic, you meet so many different kinds of people. You meet people from other countries that came to live and work in Greece for different reasons. Some came here alone, some together with their friends, and then there are also many like me that came to Greece for love or family. Certainly, Teleperformance Nordic has given me the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally. In the beginning, I started to work as a customer service representative, a role totally new for me. I didn’t know what to expect; it was a little bit scary as I had never worked in a similar position. However, it turned out very good and I learned a lot of things from this, thanks to all the training and onboarding I had before I officially started, always feeling the support from my team leaders and agents. In general, everyone was very supportive. Currently, I work with the recruitment team. It's really instructive and I definitely love and enjoy my work. Every day gives me new opportunities and I’m looking forward to developing even more at Teleperformance Nordic.

At Teleperformance Nordic, I work in a Nordic environment with the same conditions that I'd have in Sweden, while I enjoy the Greek lifestyle after work. 

  One of the things that are completely different than working in Sweden is all the activities you can do after work, even in winter: from going for a walk at the beach, enjoying a swim in the Mediterranean sea, to watching the sunset here in Crete, which is absolutely amazing. Moreover, going for a coffee or for a dinner is always a good plan. The streets are always full of life here in Chania, regardless of the day. For this reason, I believe I have a greater quality of life here compared to my previous years in Sweden. Despite sometimes missing my home country (which is completely normal when you move abroad), Teleperformance Nordic has made me feel like home here in Greece,  having always some kind of connection with Sweden every day.  Today, I have my own family here, with my husband and our 20-month-old daughter, and, of course, my big Greek family 😊. Every day is a journey, and this is mine. 😊 Emma Elgström Nearshore Recruiter Teleperformance Nordic           ** Check more stories from Teleperformance Nordic and Chania here!
Publiceringsdatum 31.10.2020
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