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Publiceringsdatum 07.02.2024

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Head Accountant in Tallinn Swedish department

Swedish Accountant to Tallinn office

At 1Office, located in Tallinn, Estonia - the land of Unicorns - we are expanding our international team, and we are currently on the lookout for a talented Swedish Head Accountant to join us.

Head Accountant responsibilities include:
  • Managing and developing the Swedish accounting department
  • Planning workflow and guiding colleagues
  • Organizing accounting for Swedish clients
  • Ensuring timely and accurate recording of financial transactions in accordance with client-provided documents, legal requirements, tax laws, Swedish financial reporting standards, and internal procedures set by clients.

When you become part of the 1Office family, you can expect:
  • Supportive and collaborative colleagues who are passionate about their work.
  • Opportunities for personal development and growth, alongside enjoyable team activities.
  • The chance to face exciting challenges and contribute to our international expansion.

The story

We support entrepreneurs, who do business abroad, offering strong local expertise to start, run and grow businesses. Our team consists of experienced accountants, lawyers and tax advisers.


1Office has been providing back-office services for almost 15 years and is the most experienced partner in this field. We are the team of skilled professionals who specialize in law, accounting, taxation, customer service and support. We have offices in Estonia, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Ireland, Latvia, and Lithuania.


In 1Office we have about 50 specialists working from 7 countries.

1Office is a fast growing company with offices in Estonia, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our team of accountants, lawyers and tax

advisers helps entrepreneurs to start, run and grow businesses.


1Office offers business services in Estonia, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania.

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